Hi! I'm Eli Rooke (they/them).

I'm a queer, trans poet with a love for stories that embrace identity and the human condition.

You can read some of my featured work below, or view a broader selection of my writing here.



A patchwork poem exploring imposter syndrome and the desire to say something new.

A man in a long brown coat nonchalantly reads a newspaper that is on fire. The fire has burned a hole in the middle of the paper and the flames dance above the pages. The man's face is hit by the warm glow.

A cosmic reflection on death and its inevitability.

A naturally growing sprout of three-leaved clovers is in focus, with the background a blur of rich and deep forest green. Sunlight very gently filters down to the forest floor, and a few drops of water are visible on the leaves.

Exploring love and how it is something to be nurtured and maintained.